Case study

Cultivate Safety


Creative, Content Design, Front End Design, 508 Compliant Digital Identity Guidelines, Accessibility Consultancy.

About the Project

Commissioned in late 2015 by NCCRAHS, the Cultivate Safety website is the go to destination for members to source information on all aspects of farm and agro tourism safety.

Their existing website was built quickly by their regular media agency and no thought was given to accessibility. It was also static, meaning that it wasn’t optimised for mobile devices in any way. As an organisation that prides itself on being inclusive, NCCRAHS wanted to review their entire digital portfolio and develop a new look to roll out across their products.

I worked closely with NCCRAHS management, in house team and usability specialist to develop a completely new accessible 508 compliant WordPress website and resource library. Designed from the ground up to be easy to navigate, particular care was taken to build a content structure that worked for the user. As with all 508 compliant sites, I designed it to be light on java and rely as much as possible on plain html styled with CSS which is best practice for accessibility.

The resource library was designed to let users easily select, customise and download assets (digital guides, posters and more), order physical assets like booklets for delivery.

A digital identity guide was designed and supplied to their in house team and is the basis for a new living guide that they are currently developing.

Currently in development, the new accessible website should be ready for launch early in 2017.

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