How To Look After Your Eyesight

Eyesight Disabilities

Hi i’m shaun experienced accessibility consultant and freelance CTO with over 30 years experience in the development and accessibility sectors. Through my experience as a developer and CTO I have a passion to help make the web a more inclusive and diverse place to allow everyone to use it no matter of someones disability which I like to call ability rather than disability.

Disability Stigma

People from all walks of life still do not like telling people and even their employers they have a disability in fear they will be judged and even lose there job. This is very sad as having or being diagnosed later on in life with a disability is nothing to be ashamed about. We all have some kind of disability and you may not even know you have one. Having a disability makes you a even more awesome person as you have something someone else does not have and that is the determination to succeed even more than the person without a disability. I know alot of people with disabilities and they are all super human because they all have been judged in one way or another but they are all awesome in there own way. One is a developer like myself and one is in a wheel chair and he is a painter and decorator and has some awesome technology to help him do his job that does not make him strange or a different person to me or you.

Hiring someone with a Disability

Alot of companies do not like hiring people from all walks of life with a disability because there first fought is how much is that going to cost and that needs to change because companies spend Billions of pounds on recruitment and retention yearly and I can almost guarantee that someone with a disability would be more of a asset to your organisation than someone that does not have a disability.

There is also loads of money, help and support out there for employers wanting to hire people with disabilities. I will name one and that is the governments “ Access to work “ scheme which helps employers pays for equipment and adaptations to there working life to help them get into employment and stay in employment. Yes it is a government programme and the process is not always easy but it is worth putting someone on this in your organisation or outsourcing it to someone like myself which knows the process and knows how to get the best outcome for the person or employees that need some extra support. If you would like to find out more how I can help you with access to work please get in touch.

What is a partially sighted Disability really

The best way to describe what a eyesight disability and someone with a partially sighted disability is. Someone with a visual impairment that is a disability or ability as I like to call it of the eyes. That can be one eye or both and this causes someone with this problem to impact there life daily.

Alot of people with eyesight disability try to live a normal life and quite often or not they can with extra help wether that be from a employer and or family members also. anyone can be diagnosed partially sighted if your a web developer for example or you sit in front of the computer for more than 8 hours a day then you are more than likely to be diagnosed with a eyesight condition that can be a light disability or a more care needed one. This is down to the eyes straining more than they should.

What are cataracts

A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye which leads to a decrease in vision

Do anything you can to deter getting a cataract, like going to the optician more often, because a cataract operation is not pleasant. Even though you cannot feel them doing it, or you shouldn’t you do have to be awake and aware and able to talk to your eyesight surgeon why he is doing the operation.

What is glaucoma

Glaucoma is pressure in the eye and at the back of the eye. glaucoma can appear at any point in your life and if not treated can re-occur and also cause blindness in one or both your eye’s

Why is eye health so important

Your eyes are just as important as what you eat these days and so many people swerve the opticians letters but the optician is vital because you could have a eyesight issue and not even know if you have a problem. glasses are also vital to your eyesight they dont just help you see they help your eyes recover from injury and help you see for longer and these days they are very stylish. they come in all sizes and even get glasses from the very day you are born.

It’s vital you look after your eyesight as anyone can get a eye infection if that is not treated then it can lead to blindness and also being partially sighted and yes you can go blind from a simple infection.


  1. Every morning regardless how busy you are make sure you wash your face and close your eyes this helps remove sleeping dust from the eye and gets your eyesight going in the morning. I am sure you brush your teeth in the morning then there is no excuses to not look after your eyesight in the morning. while you are at work and before you go to bed. you should always wash your face/eyes before you go to bed this helps tell your eyes it is sleep time and this helps your eyesight recover overnight ready for another busy day.
  2. While you are at work specially if you are using a computer all day it is easy to look after your eyesight. There is lots of eye solutions to help you prevent disability or infections. simple eyewash if you get something in your eyes at work to blink. blink is a eyesight spray which gives moisture back to your eyesight in the day. As your day goes on your eyes get dry so blink is excellent to give your eyes that moisture while your at work.
  3. Have regular eye examinations do not put it off it can save your eyesight in some circumstances.
  4. Stop smoking and vaping if you ether. Smoking has been linked to all eye disorders and including AMD ( The leading cause of blindness in the uk) and cataracts.
  5. Eat healthy or try to this will help your eyesight in the long run a healthy diet is key to healthy eyesight.
  6. Be aware what your vision is in both of your eyes. Your optician will able to explain what percentage of vision you have in each of your eyes and how it differs and why it may differ. in most people one eye will be more powerful than the other one.